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bakingbeanz said: That anime you were wondering about is Log Horizon.

THANK YOU!!!! is it worth the watch? 

Does this story exist? If not can someone write it?

So what if the zombie apocalypse all started with a sexually transmitted disease like HIV or Aids?

It all started with a rape victims incestuous child, due to the shame of this tragedy she started practicing the dark arts during her pregnancy, causing the child to be born with a untraceable disease.  

As the child grew and grew, his need for relief from his sexual frustration grew, unfortunately for him, his first “love” died of a sickness soon after their first “encounter”. 

I put “love” in quotations because the child lacks the feeling of empathy, and compassion. 

Throughout his life, half of his “companions” die, while the others continue to live, passing on this disease to others through sex. 

Finally *insert event here* causes this untraceable, sexually transmitted disease to activate, killing others, unfortunately these people do not remain dead. They rise, leading to the typical zombie apocalypse, if you are bitten you will rise as a zombie, if you get the sexually transmitted disease, again you will rise as a zombie. 

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