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bakingbeanz said: That anime you were wondering about is Log Horizon.

THANK YOU!!!! is it worth the watch? 

Does this story exist? If not can someone write it?

So what if the zombie apocalypse all started with a sexually transmitted disease like HIV or Aids?

It all started with a rape victims incestuous child, due to the shame of this tragedy she started practicing the dark arts during her pregnancy, causing the child to be born with a untraceable disease.  

As the child grew and grew, his need for relief from his sexual frustration grew, unfortunately for him, his first “love” died of a sickness soon after their first “encounter”. 

I put “love” in quotations because the child lacks the feeling of empathy, and compassion. 

Throughout his life, half of his “companions” die, while the others continue to live, passing on this disease to others through sex. 

Finally *insert event here* causes this untraceable, sexually transmitted disease to activate, killing others, unfortunately these people do not remain dead. They rise, leading to the typical zombie apocalypse, if you are bitten you will rise as a zombie, if you get the sexually transmitted disease, again you will rise as a zombie. 

Does this story exist?

Is there a book that involves a cult of females who worship these two priestesses that happen to be twins therefore they can share their abilities with one another through a mental link? 

The Twins mother was the original priestess, and before her there was a history of one child births, this was mainly because the priestesses died in child birth. 

originally only Twin 1 had both physical abilities such as increased speed and strength and mental abilities such as barriers that make one invisible to the eyes of the enemy, or even communication with nature, and she accessed these through chants. However Twin 2 was born blind, and the cult wanted to kill the useless her. In order to save her sister, Twin 1 while using chants and drawn circles managed to transfer her physical strength to her sister Twin 2, but in doing so this left her body weak to the point that it could no longer handle the chants and magical abilities in which she performed. Therefore twin 2, although blind became her protector, thus changing the succession of priestesses from 1 powerful woman to 2. 

Now to go into the rules of the cult: 

- All women are welcome, as long as they dedicate their lives to the protection of the secrets of the realm

- If a woman is not a virgin, but has never killed, they become defenders of the temple, learning pressure points that will leave a man incapable of attacking. 

- If a woman has killed but is a virgin, they become attackers: trained to protect the priestesses in their travels, no matter the cost. 

- If a woman is not a virgin and has killed, she becomes a healer until she has saved enough lives to make up for the wrongs committed by her or with her. 

- if a woman is a virgin and has not killed, they have powerful potential, and assist the priestesses in their chants. 

Twin 2 (the blind one) often sets out on her own since she has inhuman physical capabilities, however since Twin 1 has a weak body do to transferring half of her abilities to her sister, she must be attended by 2 healers and protectors. Any woman can leave the cult, once they find a man who has promised to dedicate their life to one woman. However this does not mean that the women of the cult are untrained in sexual pleasantries, after all, all women have needs XD. The priestesses however have more choices when it involves love. If they deem it necessary to produce a child for the purpose of uniting two powerful peoples (by powerful i mean magical and connected to nature), or if they find a man with strong blood ties who would dedicate his life to the cult, they will produce a child with the man. However producing children will automatically lead to the death of the priestess since these women can only produce females. (the cult members on the other hand can produce both females and males). 

These people do not believe in marriage, however if one of the members of the cult wishes to go through the marriage ritual, they are free to do so. 

Now is there a story like this? or is it just a product of my imagination?

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